When we are infant our parents gave us a graphite pencil and said to draw an alphabets... haa haa… this is the beginning of an artist. If infant encouraged finding his/her hidden talents then no one can stop him/her to be an artist. I think sketching is basic of almost every creative work. Through sketching any one can express his fantasy on piece of paper or can make blueprint of future work.  If art of sketching is guided in proper manner then we can give a name to Sketch Artist.  During the practicing of sketch I created several sketch, but I would like to share some of them. My sketchs are as fallows.

Kunal Khemu Free hand pencil Sketch by Saket Sisodia
This is free hand sketch of Kunal Khemu a Bollywood indian film Actor. I used simple pencils to sketch him.  His Acting style, His films, popularity inspired me to sketch his portrait.

Free Hand Pencil Sketch by Saket Sisodia
This is live free hand Sketch of My Friend. He told me to sketch his face and he always excited to sketch his face by me so I decided to sketch his face. I said to sit in front of me and I just sketched him, this was the memorable time for both of us.

Madhuri Dixit Free Hand Pencil Sketch by Saket Sisodia
This is Freehand Sketch of Madhuri Dixit a Bollywood indian film Super Star Actress.  Madhuri Dixit Always Attract me through her films. God bring her incredible talent of acting. I am the big fan of her so I Sketch her!

Hope you like it! :)

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