Clay Modeling

Clay is Medium to shape your imagery character or object in to tangible thing. Clay modeling is ancient technique used by our ancestors. We can see various types of clay model and art works made by our ancestors in museums. The art or clay modeling is very old and now a day we are still following the same but in moderated way. I start clay modeling from my childhood. I saw peoples made methodological characters for different Indian rituals, these kinds of statues and models force me to make my own then I started practicing  I sculpted several but didn't photographed that time . But now days I still modeling same kind and more specific purpose for examples fantasy character on the way for postproduction of films or a product model prior to the final launch. I prefer different type of clay’s to sculpt model. I sculpted some models have look are follows:

Watch The Turntable of Clay Model

Photo of Sculpted Clay Model 
A human head Clay Model Sculpt by Saket Sisodia

Hi, I solely created this clay Sculpt and want to show the world. It is basic sculpture. Size of this sculpture is 3.5 CMS small. You may also interested to visit my Blog on Clay Sculpting. Blog Link is

Hope you like it! :)

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