Body Painting

I enjoyed painting so it doesn't matter when canvas turn into surface of body. My creativity is same on both surfaces. I am comfortable on both platforms. I admit that the theme of art is different on both surfaces. One thing is interesting in body painting your canvas (body of Model) can talk to you! But if your model didn't co-operate you then your body painting will affect by the same. I love to paint Body Tattoo's too. My some body paintings are as follows:
蓝龙画, Dragon, Body Painting
蓝龙画, Dragon, Body Painting By Saket Sisodia

Body Painting, هيئة الطلاء, শারীরিক পেন্টিং, 人体彩绘, शारीरिक चित्रकारी, ボディ絵画, 바디 페인팅, Pintura corporal, бодиарт, جسم مصوری,

Hope you like it! :)

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